Six Tips for Calorie Counter

1. Eat foods that make you feel full: carbs that contain fiber and have a low glycemic load; low-fat (lower-calorie) proteins; and some amount of fat. You must eat all three in each meal or snack. 2. Eat when you … Continue reading

Skipping Meals

When we ask someone how they are trying to lose weight, we found that the most usual strategy is to skip meals or to eat only one meal per day. You know what? It doesn’t work. Many of them said … Continue reading

How To Deal With Sweets

How you want to deal with your sweet cravings depends on how you crave them. Some people must have them everyday; others want them only at times of stress. Up to half women who crave sweets do so on the … Continue reading

Cholesterol and Heart Disease

How does a diet  high in saturated fat causes high cholesterol? It’s not known exactly, yet here’s the theory: When we eat fat and cholesterol, it goes to the liver. Then it is shipped around to the places it needs … Continue reading

What Makes an Addict?

Addicts go to enormous effort to obtain and use their drugs in spite of the consequences. For example, professional athletes are paid millions of dollars to play football or baseball, ice-hockey or to run, with the knowledge that they’ll be … Continue reading

Computer Addiction

The psychological symptoms: Having a sense of well being or euphoria while at the computer. Inability to stop the activity Craving more and more time at the computer Neglect of family and friends Feeling empty, depressed and irritable when not … Continue reading

7 Ways to Manage Oily Skin

Never let the shine take control of your life ever again. Oily skin can be a pain in the neck. When you have oily skin, most likely, you will encounter enlarged pores, zits, blackheads, yet these things don’t need to … Continue reading

Simple 5 Steps to a Naturally Pretty Look

We’ve always been huge fans of the fresh, clean makeup look. Winged eyeliner and bold red lips are perfect for parties and girls’ nights out, yet when it comes to everyday makeup, simple and light are key. When applying day-to-day … Continue reading

7 Benefits of Birth Control

You already know that birth control offers ridiculously reliable protection against unplanned pregnancies—assuming you’re using it correctly, that is. But Birth Control actually has a lot of other social and lifestyle benefits, too. Researchers at the family planning organization the … Continue reading

How to Get Rid of an Ear Ache

An earache can have many different causes, some more severe than others. If your earache keeps coming back or if it extremely painful to the point where you can’t concentrate on anything else, it’s wise to pay your doctor a … Continue reading

Snack Habits for Better Weight Loss

Snacks, finger foods, tapas; however you term them, there’s something endlessly satisfying about munching on little hand-held bites as snacks. Problem is, America’s favorite snacks aren’t little, nor do they contribute to weight loss. In fact, a recent study in … Continue reading

Diet Foods that Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Do you always eat chips, ice cream, cake, cookies or donuts whenever you feel stressed? If that is the case, then you will never lose weight that way. While it is true that those foods can make you feel pleased … Continue reading